• Assumption of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreement for All Activities - ADULT

    This form is for adult participants 18 and older. If the participant is under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the minor waiver for younger participants.
  • Agreements of Release and Indemnity:

  • I agree to be transported by boat, car, bus, airplane, or train in connection with Atlantic Challenge USA activities, by Atlantic Challenge USA personnel or volunteers in their own or other vehicles. I understand that there is a risk of serious injury or death when I am transported by boat, car, bus, airplane, or train, in connection with the program. I give permission to Atlantic Challenge USA personnel to give me first aid and CPR in accordance with their training and to seek medical attention if needed.

    I understand that all activities led by Atlantic Challenge USA are subject to inherent and dangerous risks, including but not limited to: sudden changes in weather, wind, and waves; unexpected motion of the vessel, slippery and uneven decks; tripping hazards; pinching of and damaging body parts, including possible breaks, and dismemberments, blows to the head, hyperthermia or hypothermia; falling in the water which is very cold; and capsize; instability getting in and out of boats; and hazards on the docks, or other areas adjacent to the boating area; collision with other boats, or fixed objects, and mistakes in handling of boats and equipment, which may cause bodily injury or dismemberment, or death.

    Understanding the risks involved, I assume responsibility for all risks on the water and land associated with participating in such activities. I hereby hold harmless, waive, release, and indemnify Atlantic Challenge USA and its agents, employees, and volunteers from all liability, costs and damages, including those grounded in negligence, and including for personal injuries or property damage, that arises from my participation in any such events, and programs.

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